Welcome to my local fitness program at Christina Lake. I offer a variety of classes, morning and night to suit your schedule and help you meet your fitness goals. Check out the schedule below for the different class types and times.

*All classes our held at Christina Lake Community Hall unless otherwise noted.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to get started so I can help you find a suitable class!





This schedule will be in effect until Wednesday June 27th

 Morning Fitness 9-10 am

Monday: Cardio Sculpt

Wednesday: Step Intervals

Thursdays: HIIT Core Yoga

Christina Lake Community Hall

* GFRD PROGRAM *25 tickets for $100/ $5 Drop in


Keep Fit 10:15-11:05

Monday & Thursday 10:15-11:15

Christina Lake Community Hall

* GFRD PROGRAM *25 tickets for $100/ $5 Drop in


Pilates For Posture, Strength & Balance: Tuesday’s 8:30-9:30 am

Session 1: January 2nd- January 30th

Session 2: February 6th- February 20th

Session 3: March 6th- March 27th

Drop in $12 or pre pay monthly $10/ class

Classes held at Christina Lake Community Hall

*mats are available to borrow


 Core Fit:   Monday & Wednesday 5:30-6:30 pm

Last class March 14th ( Spring Break)

Pre Pay (or those you can attend)     Drop in $12

Christina Lake Community Hall




Class Descriptions

Cardio Sculpt Level 2-3

A total body workout combining cardio dance & strength exercises to improve your fitness and tone up your muscles. Mat work, weights and bands will be used for different exercises. Class finishes with a relaxing stretch.

Step Intervals Level 2-3

A full body workout that combines step aerobics and strength training using bands and weights to improve overall fitness. Class finishes with 15 minutes of core exercises and stretch.

HIIT Core Yoga

HIIT Core Yoga combines Yoga, Pilates and Tabata style aerobic intervals to create a unique class focusing on developing strength, flexibility and stamina. Bringing together traditional asanas (poses) from Yoga with HIIT, we will use a mixture of movements to work on core and upper body strength, increase endurance and stamina, as well as promote flexibility and coordination. Expect lunges, squats and planks! Expect to work hard and have fun — and leave feeling energized!

Keep Fit Level 1-2

 This NEW class is a great place to start if you are looking for a moderate paced fitness program, returning from an injury or just starting out. Proper technique will be taught to strengthen and condition your body using different pieces of equipment, as well as exercise for improving your balance and flexibility.
“Simple, effective, restorative fitness for healthy living.”
Everyone welcome!

Pilates For Posture, Strength & Balance Level 1-3

This class includes exercises standing, sitting and lying down to work our bodies in balance. You will improve core strength, posture, flexibility PLUS  achieve overall toning.  Class finishes up with a relaxing stretch which will relieve tension in the body and create an overall sense of calm and well-being. Options are provided for different fitness levels. Please bring your own mat and Pilates ball if you can. Extra equipment is available to borrow.

Core Fit Level 2-3

Challenge yourself with this HIIT Circuit/ Interval style class guaranteed to keep your heart rate up and your muscles working. Go easy, work hard, or push it to the max with a different class each week.  All exercises can be modified even if you are just starting out. Be prepared to sweat 🙂

  Payment Policies

Please pay drop-in for classes at the start. Pre-paid sessions are due on the first class.  Missed classes within reason can be made up only in the next session to follow.  There are no refunds.

Unsure if a class is right for you?  All classes can be modified & are taught at an intermediate level, but please feel free to contact me at

250-443-4444 with any questions or concerns so we can make sure it is a good fit!

What people are saying…..


“Great workout for my first time at Core Fit!  I loved the energy of the class.  You are right about the 2nd day muscle soreness- I feel it in my lower abs today 🙂  I’ll definitely be back for more!”

Norma Lacey Christina Lake, BC August 9, 2016

“Thanks for making me work my broken body! I love coming to class. I especially thought last night’s class with the dice went extremely fast. (although I can sure feel my body today) Thanks!"

Kim McKinnon Christina Lake, BC February 13, 2016

"A number of years ago I suffered with a back issue and part of my back-to-work program was to enroll in a series of Pilates classes. Pilates changed my life as I learned how to strengthen my core, feel stronger and listen to my body. Pilates enables me to feel strong and healthy, enjoy XC Skiing, biking and kayaking. Last year I was surprised to require abdominal surgery in Vancouver........the surgeons comment "You have great abs, it made my job so much easier!"
Corinne always allows for a minimum of 10 minutes to relax, stretch and unwind at the end of each class......we all leave with a positive mindset for the day!.......missing Pilates leaves me feeling sluggish and lazy!! PILATES is A WAY OF LIFE for me."

Jennifer Fenn Christina Lake, BC November 14, 2015

"I started Core Fit in February and have kept on now for 10 months!  Corinne is an excellent instructor through positive motivation and guidance and keeps things fun. The workouts are never boring and always challenging, in fact I look forward to each class wondering what we’ll be doing next. I love the variety in the circuits and the emphasis on core strength.  Corinne has you working out in ways you would never have thought of on your own in a gym. I look forward to feeling the stress of the day disappear, and my head clear every time I walk into the class.  My personal image has improved along side my fitness level when I keep on with class. Another thing great about her classes is that I have never felt pressured to keep up with anyone’s expectations but my own. Thank you Corinne for helping me stay strong and to regain my endurance!"

Tara Werner Christina Lake, BC November 14, 2015

"I love Corinne's classes.  They are a great way to start the day.  The classes motivate me to get out of the house each morning, have a quick catch up with all of the regulars at the class followed by a workout suitable for everyone and then a wonderful stretch at the end.   Corinne offers different variations as there are many of us in the class with old injuries and stiffness.  I have discovered that energy begets energy.  As the aging process kicks in, it is so imperative to keep moving - it makes you feel good as happy endorphins are released once you reach your target heart range and these endorphins tend to stay with you all day.  Heck, you can even go home after the class and have your toast and peanut butter and not worry about the caloric intake as you still burn calories following your workout.   Her classes are never the same each time and that really appeals to me as I get bored easily when I do the same routine workouts.  You never know what to expect (in a good way).  It will be the best spent (and fastest)  hour of your whole day.   To top it off, you feel better about yourself all day.  A side effect may be that you find yourself doing chores around the house and yard without a lot of effort and your clothes will fit better.  She also offers informational emails on nutrition and healthy recipes to keep yourself happy and healthy.  Definitely a good investment as you could have all of the money in the world, but if you don't have your health, you really have nothing.  Look after yourself.  Nobody else will. We are so fortunate to have such a valuable resource as Corinne at Christina Lake."

Wendy Phelan Christina Lake, BC November 14, 2015

"I go to a lot of different fitness classes throughout the year and this mornings workout was the most energetic, fun class that I had been to in a long time.  (and a good workout!) Thanks for a great start to my day!"

Lena Nelson, BC June 22, 2015

"Group fitness with Corinne is not only fun and good for a great sweat, she keeps us strong, motivated and progressing with our fitness throughout the year.  All the work we've done together for all these months allows me to enjoy the recreation this beautiful area offers, feel good in my clothes and prevents me from hurting myself when faced with heavy yard work! Thanks for being an awesome instructor, Corinne!"


Terry Mooney Christina Lake, BC June 22, 2015

"I did a fitness test at the beginning of the summer, spent the summer doing Bootcamp with Corinne and improved immensely on my fitness test this week! The best was from 45 - 62 pushups in 3 minutes! I feel so much stronger after my summer at Bootcamp in the most beautiful location ever! Miss it and can't wait to see everyone next summer! Thanks Corinne!"


Marie Seibel Blind Bay, BC December 26, 2014

"While I was visiting Christina Lake I was a faithful bootcamp student. I have never been so fit while on vacation. It was great and what a scenic place to work out!" 

Claudia Carla Carnivale Toronto, Ontario December 26, 2014

"I love boot camp the most! I love working-out in the nature- it seems to go by so fast! Corinne also does great fitness classes like step aerobics- to get your heart rate up, and good company too! Such a great bunch of people who go to her classes, plus an enthusiastic experienced instructor = good, healthy fun!!!"

Angela James Christina Lake, BC December 26, 2014

"Corinne is such a great motivator. The setting, lakefront, is the ultimate. the air smells so good, the lake so calm. fellow classmates welcoming and supportive. I maintained and even improved my fitness level during my two week vacation. highly recommend this boot camp and Corinne. she is a great person and instructor. "

Lori Rene Gilding Vancouver, BC December 26, 2014


Summer Keep Fit- Dates TBA

6 weeks of summer classes to keep you looking and feeling your best!


Beach Fit: Monday/ Wednesday 8-9 am- Dates TBA

If you want to stay in shape this summer I’ve got you covered!

Beach Fit is a combination of cardio & strength conditioning, core exercises & more. You’ll do circuits, stations, group exercises and get to use different pieces of equipment to strengthen & tone your body. The best part?  You get to exercise outdoors and enjoy the beautiful scenery Christina Lake has to offer. All exercises can be modified to suit your fitness level.

Classes are held at Christina Lake Public Beach


Pilates Sculpt: Tuesday/ Thursday 8-9 am- Dates TBA

How about trying something new!  This Pilates based workout will strengthen muscles, build core stability, improve balance and increase flexibility in the muscles and joints. You can expect to do a few push ups, squats and planks, but also balance this out with back exercises, side lying and supine core work………..fitness in all planes to develop functional fitness barefoot style.

You’ll leave the class with an energized body and an activated mind that will have you feeling strong and stretched out. Options provided for different fitness levels.

Classes are held at Christina Lake Community Hall


Pre pay 2 classes a week $20/ 3 for $25

Drop in $12

Summer pass for all 6 weeks $150